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Our Story

Time To Think started in 2019 when Mr Akosah Richard Kofi began this ministry in his first year at Valley View University. He started posting motivational quotes on social media, and to be more consistent, he started learning his graphic design and later learned how to edit videos because he wanted to improve from just the quotes to virtual. It was the following year, during the COVID-19 Time, his best friend Evangelist Charles Ansah also started the Hour Of Decision Ministries with the advice of Mr Akosah. 


Along the line, they came together to use social media to preach the gospel and tell the world that it’s Time for them to Think and make good Decisions. 

It was in 2020 when we took a lot of videos to preach and encourage the mass and also used the same means to advise our followers to be careful of the pandemic.  

As we advanced, we saw that education is essential, but most Africans are not so much into it. And according to our research on this problem, we find out that most young people are not interested in education because of poverty. Most don’t even have money to buy books to write or learn. 

 So we sat down to discuss how we could help solve this problem. Finally, we agreed that there must be a foundation to assist such needy people in helping reduce the higher of uneducated people sake of poverty. So we decided to use the Time To Think as the Foundation to embark on such a project to support education. Hour Of Decision Ministries also focuses on the Gospel mission. 

Mr Richard Kofi Akosah then consulted people to help him build and promote the Foundation. He brought six people, making the board members of the Foundation. His assistant, Miss Yvonne Grant, then stated the donation in the central region of Ghana, Twifo Praso District, in the Kayireku A.M.E Zion primary school.  

Time To Think Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports and wants to support children from nursery school to junior high school. The Foundation aims to operate in Ghana and African countries such as CoteD’voire, Benin, Togo, Cameroun, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, etc., focusing mainly on areas with little support for education. We aim to improve the learning and skills of these children and provide materials and cartoons to achieve high and effective learning skills in the future. The Foundation also hosts learning seminars, role-plays and workshops, exchange programs amongst the regions and African countries, respectively, and actively increases exposure. It also identifies intellectually and needy individuals who can reach higher levels through scholarships and continue their education in the future.